About Vivloe                                   

Launching in summer of 2015, the Vivloe brand enters the luxury market with a capsule collection of women’s apparel, accessories, and home furnishings. Vivloe utilizes carefully curated materials from around the world rendering them into timeless fashion pieces, composing a global luxury brand.

 Vivian Vulpone is the creator of Vivloe, designing and producing the line. Vivian is an apparel industry veteran with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and over 18 years’ experience in product development and international sourcing for major private label and branded companies. Inspired to pursue a career in fashion from a young age, a passion was ignited by a love of Barbie dolls, a penchant for making clothes for them, and a fascination with the colorful, energetic Esprit catalogs of the early 1980’s. The fashion industry is in her blood, through several generations of talented seamstresses hailing from Europe. After a well-honed career in the industry, and traveling the world, it was time to turn childhood dreams into actuality.

The collections are rooted in classic silhouettes, with an emphasis on high quality fabrics and workmanship. The colors and prints are inspired by everything from Art Deco to childhood dreams to contemporary influences. The line is a juxtaposition of nostalgia and innovation on the journey to creating refined luxury that is relevant.

Vivian lives in NYC, where she enjoys being mom to her real-life doll, Chloe.